Automate the Access Control of all Current and Upcoming Publications on various Sectors across the globe through our Subscription Platform as a Software (SPaaS)

Helps Client in identifying new revenue model and increase topline by 45%
Subscription Platform offers an option of selling subscription of only sectoral / country specific reports
70% Accelerate Time to Market by Cutting down the time, cost and effort at your end
42% Increase in average Ticket Size as it leads to bulk purchases

Our SPaaS software will help research based firms to effectively manage their report subscriptions through our subscription management platform. The use of our SPaaS software will ensure that research companies will easily be able to mechanize, streamline, and simplify various components of their report subscription offering through our software, i.e. from managing and retaining the customer.

Our software provides key solutions to some of the larger pain points faced by research firms in terms of managing their subscriptions offerings i.e. No subscription engagement model, No Bundled sector/ country focused research access, no product funnel to meet different client requirements.

Why Choose AmevaSubscription?

Our Software helps in increasing Ticket Size, Serving clients Effectively by offering Easy and one point access for clients which helps in retaining them with Full Freedom to Experiment

63% Improvement in Convenient Customization
  • Subscribers have the option of customizing different subscription plans as per users, viewing & downloading rights
  • Training and customer support is offered to subscribers
89% Cost Effective to Customers
  • Access to our platform on a Subscription Basis for the Clients that cannot afford Premium Market Intelligence Reports
10+ Key Other Services Offered
  • Aids in aggregation of reports
  • Managing subscriber account
  • Ticket Management
  • Unified view of all subscription and customer data in one place
  • Effectively retain customers with proactive addition of new research

How it works?

The Ameva Subscription Platform as a Service Software is hassle free and simple to use!

Creating Profile

Create the profile as per the subscription package opted (single/Site Plan/ Corporate Plan). Thereafter customer will get access to the research repository, Premium News flash and Favorites Reports

Manage User Access Control

Automate the management of research reports offerings using flexible plans, with a centralized item catalog and single-click price updates

Quick Turn Around Time

SPaaS Platforms offers a quick turn around time as the service is already tailored, hence a TAT of 30 days is required to get this integrated

Intelligent Retention

Increase your customer lifetime value and recover more revenue. Best-in-class technology helps in retaining more customers with a myriad of subscriber lifecycle management tool


Basic Professional Enterprise

Get started

Get started

Get started
No. of Reports
No. of Reports 300 700 3000
  No. of annual client
No. of annual client 30 50 100
  Per client USD
Per client USD 40 30 20
  No. of Admin
No. of Admin 1 2 2
  No. of User
No. of User 2 5 10
  Auto Royalty Calculation for other Publisher
Auto Royalty Calculation for other Publisher
  API Integration
API Integration
  Secure cloud hosting
Secue cloud hosting
  Monthly Maintenance Support
Monthly Maintenance Support
  Track Independent Report access by client
Track Independent Report access by client

AmevaSubscription FAQ’s

AmevaSubscription is a fully automated web based Digital Right Management Software for the clients who make purchase of the Publications in bulk or who subscribe for multiple reports for a fixed duration. You can manage the publication/Reports/Books in a secured manner and restrict the unathorised distribution/access of your published material with a controlled license access.

The digital documents are stored in a secured server and cloud location. Further the access is controlled by the license rights for authorized users only.

OfCourse yes. You can provide a Dashboard credential to your contributors and provide the royalty distribution %age to them. The system will auto calculate the royalty on every calendar quarter basis.

We recommend to go for Professional Subscription if you have Report count of 300-700.

It depends on you if you wish to upgrade your plan in between that can be done by paying the difference cost. Alternatively you can also purchase additional distribution limit by paying extra cost.

Yes, AmevaSubscription solution provide the unique report count and reports viewed by your clients.

No. Amevaone is a different module than AmevaSubscription. You need to purchase it separately.

AmevaSubscription uses the secured server and cloud hosting with encrypted form of confidential data.

The enterprise user can be provided with beta version of new software in the current subscription. The other user can switch to the enterprise plan in order to gain access of all the new features.

We assign a dedicated Account Manager to sort out all the queries of our clients. The Account Manager will be in direct touch with client and provide necessary support. The client can raise the Ticket by using ticket system.

In No Time. You can start using the AmevaSubscription instantly once your sign up process is complete. If API integration is required, then a TAT of 30 Business Days is involved after receiving the Valid API from client.

AmevaSubscription charge payment on monthly and Annualy Basis. A flat 15% discount is provided to all AmevaSubscription client on advance payment of Annual Amount.

AmevaSubscription provide 30 days’ time period to check all the features. If you are unhappy with the services or our support, then the advance amount will be refunded.

"Thanks for submitting the form. The concerned team will respond to your query in the next 8-12 hours"

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